5 Essential for a Cozy Night at Home

You just sent out your last email for the day. You log out, shut your laptop down, and get up from your desk. Finally - It’s the weekend! And it’s time to recharge.

Now, we know. After two years, we get it. The idea of staying home isn’t exactly one that excites anymore. Finding solace at home can be tricky, but that’s why we’re here to help! Believe it or not, a night at home can still be extremely fun. All you need are the right ingredients. Spruce up your weekends and make the most out of staying in with these 5 Essentials for a Cozy Night at Home.

  • A Cute Pair of Sweats
  • Throwing on some comfy clothes is the first step towards cozying up on the couch for hours. Oh, and looking good never hurts either. Cute + Comfy, there is just no better combination!

  • Your Favorite Tea
  • Nothing says “calm” like a warm cup of tea! Not only does it soothe the nerves after a long day of hard work, but tea is also known to improve sleep quality and help relieve headaches. Our personal favorites are Chamomile and Peppermint!

  • A Good Book
  • Netflix marathons are great, but sometimes, all you need to do to slow down is get lost in someone else’s words. Snuggling up with a good book is definitely on top of the Cozy Night In prio list!

  • A Weighted Blanket
  • Fun fact: Weighted blankets were developed based on the concept of a “hug machine”. The added weight is designed to imitate the feeling of someone’s hug, and it’s been proven to reduce stress and anxiety.These things are genius and we wonder why it wasn’t invented sooner! Trust us, couch lounging will never be the same again.

  • A Scented Candle
  • The epitome of warm and cozy is a soft, flickering light in the background. Scents have this incredible power to instantly change your mood. Light a candle up, and it transforms any room into a calmer and more peaceful space. It’s the final key to the perfect night at home. You can’t go wrong with our bestseller, Sleepyhead!

    We wish you an abundance of cozy and comfy nights to come! Happy weekend, Homebodies.

    Suma Home